I am a designer who loves to create. This creative inclination began when I was a child, and I remember being intrigued by lettering and typography as a teen. As my love for making things grew, I began to see how creative design affected everything. Whether it was decorating my home, baking, embroidering vintage dishtowels, or making homemade vanilla extract, my desire to design became part of all I did.

Today, as a creative designer I desire to collaborate with my clients to see their visions come to life, and to see that the elements I contribute to their special day is as unique to them as possible. Invitations or advertisements that reflect the nature of the event, be it wedding or business. Chalk art and other signage that is fitting for each event, whether fun and playful or elegant and refined. Events that are styled in such a way that all the senses are spoken to, creating the perfect atmosphere that is reflective of each client’s celebration. My designs leave my customers feeling satisfied that their day was reflective of them, and their guests excited to participate in celebrating with them.

I look forward to working with you soon.